3D Pokémon Prints

3D Pokémon Prints in all shapes and sizes in full color as the picture shows, we will be adding prints weekly but if you have a request on a Pokémon you do not see please email us any request you might have and we can go over how big you want it and pricing.

  • Chibi/Cute Styles

    Full sets of Pokémon created with more of a chibi style, here is an example with our Eeveelution Collection.

  • Holiday Styles

    Holiday sets added monthly with starters and some of your other favorite Pokémon consisting of Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, and more.

  • Special Styles

    Full sets as well as singles set up with a special design with an example above showing the Venomized Set.

New 3D Prints

Inventory added weekly

Hey everyone we are working on adding more inventory to the store, on Opening Day we were getting sold out on most of our items but I have the printers working around the clock. Feel free to message me with what pokemon you want printed next.